The Miracle of Renters Insurance

Here’s the secret — Your Landlord’s Insurance DOES NOT cover ANY of your stuff. Not your TV, clothes, stereo, iPod, Laptop, dishes, furniture, NOTHING! Please read on and see how inexpensively you can protect your valuable possessions for just pennies a day. Give my office a call and we can fix this for you in about 10 minutes!

OK ! I know you’re thinking ‘What could possibly be so MIRACULOUS about Renters Insurance?

Well…. Here’s the inside scoop !

Here’s a little overview….
(All policies are slightly different. These are examples of what a typical policy might have.)

  • It protects your stuff at home
  • It protects your stuff on vacation
  • It protects your stuff in the USA
  • It protects stuff you may have in a storage facility
  • It protects your stuff all over the world !
  • Yes, that’s right… you suffer a covered loss to your stuff ANYWHERE on the planet…you’re covered just as you are in your own backyard.
  • It protects your CHECKS & CREDIT CARDS if they’re stolen
  • It gives you Liability protection….that’s when you get sued
  • It gives you protection for stuff you’d never imagine. Here’s just a few examples
  • For example:
    • Money, Bank Notes, Coins (including collections) up to $200
    • Property used or intended to be used in business
      • On premises up to $1,000
      • Off premises up to $250
  • Watercraft and equipment – up to $1,000
  • Securities, Checks, Traveler’s Checks – up to $1,000
  • Trailers (not used with watercraft) – up to $1,000
  • Stamps, trading cards, comic books (including collections) up to $2,500
    • Theft loss of:
      • Jewelry and Furs – up to $1,000
      • Firearms – up to $2,500
      • Silverware and Goldware – up to $2,500
      • Rugs, tapestry, wall hangings
        • Per Item – up to $5,000
        • Aggregate – up to $10,000
  • Home Computers – up to $5,000

WOW, you say!
That’s quite a list.
Yes it is…and there’s MORE…Yes, there’s a LOT more…
But before we get to that … the WHAT and HOW TO BUY Renters Insurance,
let’s talk about the WHY!!
Why would anyone need renters insurance….

The answer is simply this…
Because you’ve got LOTS OF STUFF ! !

“No I don’t,” you say…

Well, imagine, JUST FOR SECOND, if you would please…..

You’re sitting outside on a cool October night. You have a warm wool blanket wrapped around you and around you is the sound of people working, cleaning, the hum of a diesel engine. The blanket was given to you by a firefighter, the people working are firefighters , and the hum of the diesel engine is the fire truck that’s just dumped 30,000 gallons of water on your, now black and flattened residence.

You’re just a little freaked out but you’re ok. So is everyone else who was in the house with you. All that is ok, but EVERYTHING YOU OWN is toasted to a crispy black residue that’s still smoldering from the heat of the fire. It’s all gone: your entire wardrobe, TV and DVD player, stereo system, all the dishes in your kitchen, furniture, bed linins, towels, silverware, blender, your Xbox, your digital camera and last, but not least…. your treasured iPod.

Here’s a typical list of the average single-person household. If there’s 2 or 3 or more of you, it’s even higher

Personal Property Replacement Value

Furniture $ 8,907
TV, VCR, Stereo, Tapes, and CDs $1,777
Home Computer $1,647
Microwave $151
Other Appliances $240
Clothing $3,700
Paintings, Prints, Photos $792
Glassware, China, and Silverware $612
Sports Equipment $600
Cameras and Photographer’s Equipment $795
Books $704
Jewelry $1,023
All Other Property $4,000


You see, here’s the problem with all that STUFF…. You bought it just a little at a time. You know, a CD here, a blender there, a couple of jackets somewhere else. Then, before you know it, it’s all there cluttering up your drawers, your closet and every other space in your place.
I know…You’re probably thinking that RENTERS INSURANCE is really expensive. Well here are the facts….

For just pocket change a day, RENTERS 
INSURANCE can provide affordable basic 
protection for your personal property, 
in case of a liability lawsuit.

“WHAT?!?!” you say. “Lawsuit ! !”
Yep, lawsuit. Could it happen to you? The answer is…

Of Course It Could ! !
But we’ll talk about that in a minute.

So…. For just about the cost of a DVD a month, you get protection for

Protection for all your stuff ANYWHERE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE. Doesn’t matter if you’re in the good old US of A, Mexico, China or Australia…

If your stuff is stolen from your car,
There might be damage to your car though. THAT’S covered under your auto insurance. I’m sure you have car insurance !

Here’s all the kinds of things that your stuff could be covered for…

  • Fire or lightning
  • Weight of ice, snow or sleet
  • Explosion
  • Aircraft & vehicles
  • Smoke
  • Sudden and accidental tearing or bulging of heating or cooling systems
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Theft
  • Riot or civil commotion
  • Falling objects
  • Vandalism or malicious mischief
  • Sudden and accidental water discharge from plumbing or appliances
  • Freezing of plumbing systems

So you can see that there’s coverage for many different circumstances. Realistically, the most likely ones you’ll need in your lifetime are FIRE, THEFT, SMOKE DAMAGE and maybe VANDALISM.

So for the price of a DVD A month you get all that…

And just like the TV commercials tell you….
BUT WAIT ! ! ! ! THERE’S MORE!!!!!!!! (this WILL begin to sound like a Ginsu Knife Commercial!!!)

Remember we were talking about that LAWSUIT!?!?! Yes, it could happen to you and there’s ALSO coverage in your RENTERS INSURANCE for THAT !

Just this year a policyholder called me and told me that the tenant in their rental property was being sued because his girlfriend accidentally let his dog out of the back yard. The dog made a beeline across the street and kicked the stuffing out of the neighbor’s dog. The renter was being sued by the neighbor for veterinarian bills that exceeded $3000 and for mental anguish, stress, and… well, you know the drill. And yep, you guessed it… The tenant had NO RENTERS INSURANCE. And the LANDLORDS INSURANCE does not cover the tenant’s liability!!!! Here’s their problem…
The tenant will be paying off this “little problem” for years. He’s put both his current AND HIS FUTURE EARNINGS at risk by not having the foresight to get a little RENTERS INSURANCE policy.

For just pocket change a day, RENTERS INSURANCE can provide affordable basic protection for your personal property,
AND in case of a liability lawsuit.

Someone slips and falls in your place, breaks their leg, or cuts their hand.
(bummer if it’s a Plastic Surgeon)
Your policy will pay whatever you’re legally liable to pay. (up to the limit of the policy, of course) That’s why at least a $300,000 limit is important there (more if you live in California). Many offices will let you walk away with the standard $100,000. For just an extra $2/month, you get TRIPLE the coverage. Almost a crime not to take that.

Medical Payment also pays for…. YOU GOT IT…. It pays for MEDICAL EXPENSES up to the limits of the policy for people who are on your premises with your permission and accidentally injured. And ALSO for people injured by your activities. Coverage doesn’t pay for medical expenses for you or members of your family that live with you.

BUT WAIT ! ! ! ! THERE’S MORE!!!!!!
You also get what’s called LOSS OF USE or ADDITIONAL LIVING EXPENSES coverage. Whenever your place is rendered UNINHABITABLE because of a covered loss, we’ll pay the cost to put you up someplace else while your place is being repaired. I’ve actually written checks to people sitting outside their burned residence to pay for a hotel. VERY COOL!!!!
This pays up to 24 MONTHS ! ! Hopefully you won’t be out that long, but it’s THERE IF YOU NEED IT ! ! ! !

BUT WAIT ! ! ! ! THERE’S SOME MORE!!!!!!! (see, I told you….)
You know how things just get more expensive every year. We’ll automatically increase the amount of your coverage every month FOR FREE until your next renewal to keep pace with inflation. When you renew your policy each year, it will be for the newer IMPROVED amount of coverage.

I mentioned this up above but you might have missed it. If someone steals your checks or credit cards and you suffer loss cuz they’re out there spending YOUR MONEY, you’ll have coverage for that up to $1000.

“WOW”, you say!
And all for about the price of a DVD a month.
Hey, Let’s talk about Deductibles for a second….
The deductible is the portion of a covered loss that is your responsibility. They are typically available in amounts such as $250, $500, $750, or $1000.
For example, if you had a $500 deductible, you would need to pay the first $500 of the covered loss and we’d pay the rest.
Generally speaking, higher deductibles lower your premium, but increase the amount you must pay out of your own pocket if a covered loss occurs. Ask yourself how much you are willing to pay in order to save on premium.

SO what’s the best way to buy this Miraculous RENTERS INSURANCE???

RULE #1 – Don’t over-insure and don’t under-insure. Get the right amount of coverage. Yes, you’ll have to estimate how much stuff you have.

RULE #2 – Take the biggest deductible you can afford. (within reason). What does THAT mean????? Well, don’t increase your deductible from say $500 to $1000 if is only saves you $13/year.

RULE #3 – Get at least $300,000 of liability coverage (especially if you live in CALIFORNIA!) People just love to sue in good old CaliforNyeYay.

RULE #4 – Only get policies with REPLACEMENT COST coverage. (all of the policies we offer in our agency have this provision.) This is a cool one. Provision sez that if you suffer loss to your stuff, and you replace it, we’ll pay you what it costs to get a brand new one rather than what your old one was worth.
Looks like this. Someone steals your 8 year old TV set that’s worth $75 and a new one is $350, we’ll pay you based on the $350 rather than the $75! VERY COOL!

RULE #5 – Take the PERSONAL LIABILITY option in the LIABILITY SECTION of your policy. That gives you coverage for things like slander and libel. Californian’s, for some crazy reason, get all bent out of shape if you talk to them or about them the wrong way.

RULE #6 – Don’t forget to check out things like Special insurance for your baseball card or Precious Moments collections. There’s limits on those kinds of things. You might also need to look into waterbed liability, or business liability (if you run any kind of business out of your home.) And don’t forget EARTHQUAKE coverage.
We’ll walk you thru a checklist of all those things just to make sure we don’t forget anything. You may not need any of them, but we just want to be sure.

This is so simple and easy to do.
We do all the work for you and in less than 30 minutes, you’ll have protected your stuff, your current assets and your future earnings.

Why somebody wouldn’t have RENTERS INSURANCE is simply beyond me.

So, here’s what you get…

Coverage for your stuff: TV, stereo, blender, dishes, clothes, etc.
Coverage at REPLACEMENT COST (as I explained above)
Liability Protection. (assets AND your future earnings)
A place to live while we put your place back together
We’ll walk you thru the whole process (probably will take less than 30 minutes)
Confidence that you’re buying the insuance you need: NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS.

Yep, you guessed it…
All for about the price of a DVD A month…

Give my office a call and we can set this up for you in about 10 minutes!

No insurance product offers you more BANG FOR YOUR BUCK than simple RENTERS INSURANCE….

Don’t Leave Home Without It!



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